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Before you move on to our on-line shopping, please make note of the following:

1. If you wish we can send the goods by post, using Express or other means of shipping.
2. You pay when the goods are delivered to you or you can pay in advance (you will receive an invoice in advance)
3. We do not accept payments for items in installments!!!
4. We are not VAT payers.
5. The prices for delivery are calculated according to current pricelists of individual shipping services.
6. We deliver only whole cartons of goods!
7. The purchase must be at least 300 €, if wholesale when paying in cash.
8. Fax, telephone, or e-mail orders must be made with the number of the purchaser (applies to wholesale)
9. Sale deals - from   5.000 €   5% off of the whole invoice price
         - from 10.000 €   8% off of the whole invoice price
         - from 15.000 € 10% off of the whole invoice price
    If the price was on special sales, the discount percentages stated above cannot be applied.
10. The goods will be delivered for free within a 200 km range. If the distance exceeds 200 km, we will charge for fuel.

>>> Other information concerning the general purchase conditions